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About us

Hi, welcome to Hoodlum Coffee. We spent many years travelling the world before setting up Hoodlum Coffee. As a lovers of great coffee, like you, we have tried many different fresh brews in our travels. This is where we realised that most of us are just buying generic low quality coffee from the store and it is not the best quality.

Hoodlum Coffee was set with a vision to offer as many people the opportunity to purchase and experience world class coffee beans online. The idea is to get freshly roasted coffee sent directly to your door fast for you to enjoy the highest possible quality and the beans the way the should be. We are confident once you try our premium quality coffee delivered fresh, you will be impressed. We use several contract coffee roasters to roast our coffee. We make sure the coffee beans roast to our high standards, so you don't have to worry about quality.

As the COVID19 pandemic has affected so many in different ways, our strategy is to have a contactless online business that educates and offers a personalised customer experience. We aim to build our reputation on rich and robust flavors, grounded in experience and expertise. Weather you're brewing at home or in a cafe Hoodlum Coffee is extremely passionate about great coffee and we want to provide you with tools to understand and enjoy your coffee experience.